Employee Assistance Program


Homewood Health

We are delighted that Homewood Health™ was chosen as our new EFAP provider. In addition to
providing Counselling Services for when you need professional help with a challenging situation, the
program also offers Plan Smart Lifestyle and Specialty Counselling, a series of work life services
for when you want expert advice, information, and coaching that you can access and use in your own

Counselling Services
Counselling services are available face to face, by telephone or can be accessed through online eCounselling.
The model of counselling is short-term in focus with clearly defined goals and outcomes.
It is meant to help you understand your concerns and develop a plan of action to address them.

Plan Smart Lifestyle and Specialty Counselling
RCDSB employees may access the following Plan Smart services: Childcare and Parenting Services,
New Parent Support Services and Elder and Family Care Services. Each of the services has been
developed to allow you to take a proactive approach to manage everyday challenges and life
transitions, and to receive the information and support you need to suit your unique situation. For the
most part, these services are delivered by phone or online and often include an assessment, a
personalized package of information and useful tools with your best interests in mind.

In addition, e-learning courses, available through Homewood Health’s website, offer self-directed,
confidential and interactive online courses which include printable information, quizzes, and exercises.
The topics offers are designed to help you take charge of your health and well-being.
Homewood Health’s website also contains the Health and Wellness Companion, an online  resource of
healthcare-related materials, which is partnered with the Canadian Medical Association. The Health
and Wellness Companion contains an interactive health risk assessment, access to a comprehensive
library of medical information and can even create a personal health record.

Effective March 1, 2017 ETFO employees who currently have access to the Employee and Family
Assistance Program, and their families can call the number on the brochure anytime day or night, 365
days of the years. If you are in crisis, immediate support is available. Please be assured that the
program is completely confidential.

For a comprehensive multi-media web-based orientation of our program and access to all of the eservices,
you can visit Homewood Health’s website at www.homeweb.ca and then log into Member