Greetings from your Local President


President Allison Ryan

Now in my 8th full year serving as the President of the Renfrew County Teachers’ Local, I want to reflect on the challenges and the successes since I began representing you, the member.

We have navigated and survived the negotiation of 3 collective agreements and most recently a contract extension. Our working conditions have been improved through the work done at the negotiating table. We now have seniority based transfers,  improved surplus and redundancy language, a provincial benefits plan, salary improvements and bi-weekly pay just to name a few! But getting there wasn’t easy. We survived Bill 115, we challenged Bill 115 and we won. Now we await a date with an arbitrator to see how what was lost can be made right.

My experience with the Local began 14 years ago when I met Alice Paige.  She saw something in me that I didn’t see and she encouraged me to become involved with my Union. And so, this journey began with me first as a school steward, then the local treasurer for 5 years, followed by a brief year and a half as first-vice president and chief negotiator and eventually as your President.

Your local executive consists of some truly dedicated individuals.  My job would not be possible without them.  We also have stewards in all of our schools and the work that they do is critical to ensure that our collective agreement is followed and that our members are safe at work.

I couldn’t imagine doing any other job and I look forward to working for you and with you to ensure our members have the best working conditions possible.

In solidarity,

Allison Ryan

Contact Information

Cell: 613-635-2388          Office: 613-735-8927          Fax: 613-735-3425

Twitter: @rctl_etfo

Find us on Facebook: Renfrew County Teachers’ Local

Board Courier: Highview Public School

Mailing Address: 9833 Round Lake Road, Pembroke, ON K8A 0K4